Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wisdom teeth extraction in Costa Rica

It is late in my life to have my wisdom teeth removed. They only started to cause problems about a year ago in Japan and after my visit to the dentist here to get a check up I decided the time had come to remove the bottom two wisdom teeth.
The right hand side one was done last week and didn't really cause too many problems. It hurt afterwards and swelled up pretty big but after 2 days I was able to eat reasonably normally, chewing on the other side of my mouth.
The left hand side one was removed on Monday this week. Big difference. It was growing downwards into the next tooth, and the dentist had to make a deeper cut. The whole process took about 1 hr 45 mins with lots of grinding and pushing and pulling. Eventually he had to split the tooth into 3 pieces to get it out. I had 3 shots of local anaesthetic but I could still feel the pain... Ow. The healing process has been worse too, my mouth swelled up like I had a tennis ball in there and still hasn't gone down. I can't open my mouth more than a centimetre and it hurts when I talk or chew. Luckily Stephanie has made me some wonderful blended food items and smoothies but I am craving proper food now.
Hopefully by the weekend...

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