Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Radio Free Europe

I arrived back in Europe yesterday morning, after a 15 hour journey from San Jose.
I feel I can now come clean and say I hate flying... I hate being on a plane and breathing all the recycled, air-conditioned air, I hate air-conditioning on the ground but on a plane there is no escape, and I hate being cramped up in a seat for so long.
Anyway that out of the way, I love being back here...
I love the cold, I love that it is still light outside at 8:30 at night, I love the cheese selection, I love not being eaten alive by insects and I love how fresh the air tastes.
I am listening to FM4 which we used to listen to in the ski shop in Scheffau, may be my favourite radio station... What 6music could be if the BBC didn't want to close it down and they spoke German occasionally.

One of the striking things about coming back here after living in Costa Rica is how clean and well-made everything is. I guess that's one of the things about living in a developing country, people are making the best out of what they have but they don't have a lot. They do the same here but they have more, or at least they have better. Either way it feels great to be back...

P.S Hi Frank, see you on Saturday...

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